CMT Advantage

Customer-Needs Focused

Material Design Creativity, Testing, and Capacity

Technically Oriented Solutions and Support

1) 100 % Solids *

  • Little to no outgassing
  • Virtually unlimited coating thicknesses
  • Allows for higher crosslink density
  • No solvents or water – either listed or otherwise
    (companies can use up to 5 grams per liter and still claim “100%” solids)

2) Zero VOC’s *

  • Eliminates flammables and auto-ignition solvents
  • Little to no odor
  • Meets or exceeds EPA regulations for VOC content
  • Very low shrinkage for thermoset systems (< 1%)

3) Technical Orientation

  • Ability to formulate to a specific end-use
  • One size does not fit all (all polyureas are NOT created equal)
  • Not “married” to one technology – capacity to formulate & manufacture polyurethanes, polyureas, and other 100% solids technologies
  • Number of chemists in the polyurea marketplace

4) “Truth in Labeling”

  • No Aliphatic/Aromatic “blends”

5) Safety & Health Concerns *

  • Very Low Monomer Content

* Aliphatic: less than 0.5% free monomer

* Aromatic: Less than 5% free monomer

6) Non-Reactive Catalyst Systems

  • Environmentally “inert” catalyst systems available

7) Solutions Driven, Not Sales Driven

  • A problem needs to be solved, not a customer sold.

* Refers to DYNA-PUR and other polyurea and polyurea hybrid product families.

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