CMT Thermal Reactive Roof Coating featured at AMICCON

Eco-Friendly Cool Roof Coating Featured in the Innovation Station at AMICCON

Palmer, MA, (November, 2010) Creative Material Technologies, Ltd (CMT) announces they will be exhibiting at the 2010 AMICCON conference and exposition and their environmentally friendly roof coating DYNA-COOL™ will be featured in the Innovation Station.

DYNA-COOL™ is the only liquid applied cool roof coating that can be applied to a new asphalt shingle roof, or to restore an existing asphalt shingle roof. DYNA-COOL™ reduces the roof surface temperature resulting in energy savings. In testing, asphalt shingles treated with DYNA-COOL™ reflect heat and reduce the surface temperature by 36° Fahrenheit. To learn more about this innovative new product and see the test visit:

CMT specializes is developing green coatings for the construction, defense, and automotive industries. Their innovative approach to coatings research and development using nano technology has allowed them to develop coatings that are both ground breaking while environmentally friendly.

CMT focuses not only on the chemical formulation of a product, but also on the application and equipment necessary for a profitable product development and commercialization. Further, CMT understands that to limit development efforts to existing well-known raw materials diminishes both the likelihood of a superior product being developed and the physical properties that product can possess.

With more than 30 patents between them, CMT’s R&D personnel have over 70 years of coating formulation and over 22 years specializing in formulating 100% solids, eco-friendly coating systems in the polyurea based coatings industry. CMT’s technologies equip some market leaders to do what others consider to be “impossible” while empowering those on the cutting edge to make money where their competition cannot.

With a multitude of coating formulations designed specifically to address the unique requirements of different applications, CMT enables its customers to “Solve Today’s Real World Problems with Tomorrow’s Technologies” for the homeowner, professional installer, OEM and aftermarket customers.

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