Low Cost, Green Truck Bed Liner Coatings

Palmer, MA – (July 2010) Creative Material Technologies, Ltd (CMT) is highly aware of the depleted working capital in the spray on bed liner industry. In the past, high volume minimum orders, franchising buy-in costs, and specialized equipment often created a reduced profit scenario for the installer and certainly poses even more financial stress in today’s truck bed liner coatings market.

“The automotive aftermarket we have known has experienced a fundamental, non-cyclical change, even if the industry has yet to come to terms with it,” commented John C. Becker IV, President and chemist at CMT. “With unemployment numbers persistently at historically high levels and small business capitalization in short supply, the spray on bed liner industry needs to be installer success driven, not supplier profit driven.”

Indeed, installers that are locked into a supplier business model that worked in the last century will find it difficult to survive in the new economic reality. In response to this insight, CMT has reformulated its proprietary truck bed liner coatings to simultaneously reduce per unit costs, reduce capitalization requirements, increase application options while continuing its commitment to protect the installer, their workers and the environment. Utilizing CMT’s GREEN product’s makes it a win-win business.

CMT’s multiple breakthroughs in the economics for this part of the automotive aftermarket industry now make it possible to install a short and long bed polyurethane hybrid liner without sacrificing “the farm,” profitability, quality, safety or health.

Using the Liner Solution Spray On Bed Liner means no minimum orders and a lower per unit cost achieved through a breakthrough in the chemistry which allows “stop 'n go” capabilities with the same static mixer, thus saving even more money on the accessories.

CMT has also developed a way to minimize overspray, saving spray time and labor, clean up time and labor, and saving money on wasted product which needlessly reduces the profitability of every truck bed liner coating job.

With more than 30 patents between them, CMT’s R&D personnel have over 70 years of coating formulation and over 22 years specializing in formulating 100% solids, eco-friendly, coating systems in the Polyurea based coatings industry. CMT’s technologies enable some market leaders to do what others consider “impossible” and empowering those on the leading edge to make money where their competition cannot.

With a multitude of coating formulations designed specifically to address the unique requirements of different applications, CMT is able to assist customers in solving real world problems with high-performance product solutions for the homeowner, professional installer, OEM and aftermarket customers.

CMT is the creator of LinerSolution™ and CrystaLiner™, the “Original Clear Bed Liner™ For all product information call 888-477-6839 or visit www.linersolution.com